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Updated: Jan 4

Hello and welcome to my little internet casa! I am so happy that you found me and are allowing me into your space. Your time is valuable and I am grateful that you are choosing to spend a little bit of it with me.

My name is Ashley Hutchison and I started my design business back in 2013. Originally it was called Ashley Hutchison Interiors, and while I enjoyed working under my own name, it never felt like the name was "the one". Not only did my company do more than Interior Design, the name itself simply felt limiting on the business branches I wanted to pursue. Enter the year 2019, a few legal changes and voila; may I present to you Castilia Design! (or Castilia Design Inc. if you want to get super technical).

I reside in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada with my husband, our 3 tiny humans, and one less-than-impressed fur ball. The majority of my spare time is being a chauffer and cheerleader for our 3 little amigos as they embrace the world and all it has to offer. The other part of my heart works hard at experiencing as much of the world as possible through travel and adventures, big or small. I love embracing creativity and being hands on when I can to learn and grow in business and personally. I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a large extended family that genuinely cheers each other on, embraces all our quirks, and sometimes comes over uninvited.

I have always enjoyed the creative process and helping people which has landed me in my field. My educational background began at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to earn my diploma in Architectural Technology. This was followed by a certificate from the University of Alberta Continuing Education in Residential Interiors while I worked with a local home builder. From there I went from a company dealing with obtaining permits from the City of Edmonton and surrounding municipalities. It was while I was with the permit company I began working on my own business on the side whilst growing a family.

With Castilia Design my hope is to spark creativity and joy into your world. To ensure I can educate my clients, readers, trades and even myself while embracing the new home build process or undertake a renovation. By covering the smallest details, features, and thought out design principals, I hope I can inspire you to create, educate and feel confident on all things construction and design.

Thanks again for hanging out with me! I am very excited to embark on this journey with you and cannot wait to see where the journey may take us.

Until Next Time,

Ashley Hutchison


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